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Trade Rules

Welcome to the Webloox Sexybabesgallery TGP network. I'm always looking for traffic trades with sites with high quality traffic. I do have a few rules which is what helps to keep the traffic quality high.

Trades of any size are welcome as long as there is traffic and it is productive. A sensible upper limit is about 10% of the size of the site

If you would like to trade, please make sure your site obeys the following rules plus any additional rules on the individual site's trade page

All of my sites are set to return traffic based on productivity - the more productive your traffic is at my site then the more traffic you will receive back

All trades are initially disabled in the trade script so you will see no return traffic until I have reviewed the trade. I usually try to do this at least once a day - please email me to let me know of a new trade.

After you sign up for a trade, you must send some initial traffic to start the trade (and so that I can see its productivity) and then continue to send a minimum per day in order to keep the trade alive. The table below shows these two amounts as start/daily.


  • Your site is in the same niche as mine and has similar sized thumbs
  • Your site has real content and your surfers get to see it at least 60% of the time. I will visit yor site and click around and I expect to see a real gallery within three clicks, preferably on click number one.
  • You have a real toplist visible on your site which contains your real top trades. The trades in your toplist (and any others that I get skimmed to) all obey these rules too.
  • Your site, like mine, is predominantly softcore - please no extreme hardcore, the trade will just not work
  • Picture sites only please - NO tubes
  • Your site contains absolutely nothing even remotely illegal
  • Your site treats the surfer decently. I will not trade with sites that, eg, mess with the surfer's browser, force them to download something, etc

Treatment of non English traffic

I do not redirect any incoming traffic based on country or language - all traffic arriving at any site sees the main page and is counted by the trade script. Subsequent clicks by Chinese traffic are not counted by the tradescript and are sent to a buyer of Chinese traffic. That means that if you send high volumes of Chinese traffic then your productivity will be low and you will receive little traffic back.


Please contact me via email at webmaster [at]

You can also find me at the ADX webmaster board, my nick there is 'webloox'

Thanks for looking and good trading...

Site Thumb size Skim Traffic Start / Daily Trade


Free Cute Teens 150x200 1st + 70% 15k 50 / 200 Open
Tight n Perky 165x220 1st + 65% 20k 50 / 300 Open
Pretty Teasers 165x220 1st + 70% 5k 20 / 50 Open
Hot Sinful Teens 165x220 1st + 70% <5k 20 / 50 Open


Skinny Dolls 180x240 1st + 70% 10k 50 / 200 Open
Skinny Naked Virgins 165x220 1st + 70% <5k 20 / 50 Open
Skinny Sexy Girls 165x220 1st + 70% 1k 20 / 20 Open

Nude Art

Delicate Beauties 165x220 100% (no skim) <5k 20 / 20 Open
Nude Natural Beauties 165x220 1st + 70% 1k 20 / 20 Open

Babes / Glamour

Sexy Babes Gallery 150x200 1st + 60% 1k 20 / 20 Open
Glamorous Beauties 165x220 1st + 70% 1k 20 / 20 Open
Hard Beauties 165x220 1st + 70% <5k 20 / 20 Open


Lesbian Sex Orgasm 165x220 1st + 65% 5-10k 20 / 100 Open
Lesbian Teen Dreams 165x220 1st + 70% <5k 20 / 20 Open
Lesbian Sex XXX 165x220 1st + 60% 1k 20 / 20 Open


Sexy Hot Redhead 165x220 1st + 70% 5k 20 / 100 Open
Hot Naked Redhead 165x220 1st + 70% <5k 20 / 20 Open
Naked Hot Redheads 165x220 1st + 70% <5k 20 / 20 Open

Big Tits

Teen Big Boobs 165x220 1st + 65% 10k 50 / 200 Open
My Natural Big Boobs 150x200 1st + 70% 1k 20 / 20 Open
Towering Tits 165x220 1st + 60% 1k 20 / 20 Open


Asian Babes Gallery 150x200 1st + 60% 2k 20 / 50 Open

Stockings and Pantyhose

Stocking Tease TGP 165x220 1st + 70% 1k 20 / 20 Open

Gothic / Emo / Punk Art

Hard Gothic Girls 165x220 1st + 70% 1k 20 / 20 Open

Other great places to find trades

Please email me to exchange webmaster page links - thanks